Elon Musk says he and partner Grimes are semi-separated

The SpaceX founder said that their work had seen them spending significant amounts of time apart. Source link Read More

1 hour ago

Indian prime minister Modi meets first Indian American VP Harris

Mr Modi told Ms Harris, the first south Asian US vice-president, India was "waiting to welcome" her. Source link Read More

2 hours ago

One of NYC's poshest buildings facing $250m lawsuit over building defects

A posh building on NYC's Billionaire Row has been facing a series of serious woes. Source link Read More

3 hours ago

Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou ‘to be freed’ in US deal

For Huawei's boss, the issue has been deeply personal, with his daughter being held, but for the whole of China… Read More

4 hours ago

CIA 'removes Vienna boss' over Havana syndrome outbreak

The mysterious illness has affected dozens of US personnel in the Austrian capital, US media report. Source link Read More

12 hours ago

Haitian migrants at US border: 'We've been through 11 countries'

One man tells how he trekked through jungle with his young son, seeing fellow migrants' dead bodies. Source link Read More

14 hours ago

George Floyd murder: Derek Chauvin appeals against conviction

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin says there were issues with the jury at his trial. Source link Read More

15 hours ago

US Haiti envoy quits over 'inhumane' deportations

Daniel Foote says US policy on Haiti is "flawed" and sending migrants back is "counterproductive". Source link Read More

16 hours ago

Why are so many Haitians at the US-Mexico border?

Thousands of migrants are at the Texas-Mexico border. Here's what we know about why they are coming. Source link Read More

17 hours ago

Gabby Petito case: FBI issues arrest warrant for boyfriend Brian Laundrie

The indictment says Brian Laundrie used a debit card that did not belong to him after her death. Source link Read More

18 hours ago