Tennessee school board defends ban of Holocaust novel Maus

The Tennessee board objected to profanity, nudity and depictions of suicide in the graphic novel Maus. Source link Read More

60 mins ago

Winter Olympics: Kaillie Humphries’ 10,000-mile race to reach Beijing 2022

Kaillie Humphries has won three world championship medals for the United States and three Olympic medals for CanadaHosts: Beijing, China… Read More

2 hours ago

Kobe Bryant statue placed at site of helicopter crash

Medina hopes a permanent statue will be created in memory of the five-time NBA championSculptor Dan Medina took a statue… Read More

3 hours ago

US Navy officer 'bribed by cash and prostitutes'

Dozens of officials were part of what has been called the worst corruption case in US navy history. Source link Read More

4 hours ago

'He stole from me' – Stormy Daniels testifies at her ex-lawyers trial

The porn star who says she had sex with Donald Trump is a witness in a court case against her… Read More

5 hours ago

Family who died in freezing cold by US-Canada border identified

The family of four are believed to have been trying to cross the Canada-US border in foot. Source link Read More

6 hours ago

US Supreme Court: The women in the running to replace Stephen Breyer

A Washington DC federal judge and a California Supreme Court justice are considered top contenders. Source link Read More

7 hours ago

Losing team wins after fans' cash boost for good cause

When a US football team beat rivals with 13 seconds on the clock, their fans responded in a beautiful way.… Read More

8 hours ago

F35-C fighter jet: Race is on to reach sunken US plane… before China

The $100m jet is fair game, in international waters. "It's the Hunt for Red October meets the Abyss." Source link Read More

9 hours ago

Ukraine crisis: Nord Stream 2 pipeline could be axed

On Wednesday, the US and Nato gave Russia a formal response to its demands to resolve the Ukraine crisis. It… Read More

13 hours ago