Caviar is now offering iPhone 13 Pro with a T-Rex tooth fragment on the back

The Russian luxury company Caviar has announced its latest project for people willing to spend an absurd amount of money for an exclusive iPhone. The latest product is called iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone which has a tooth fragment from a T-Rex, which is 80 million years old.

The new Tera series also includes a Monsterphone with hardened titanium panel and a Teradiamond option that has 1,024 actual diamonds on the back – the number matches the number of gigabytes the new iPhones have.

The Tyrannophone also has a lightweight composite foundation with engraving on the back, gold plated jewelry alloy with actual 24K gold. The eye of the dinosaur is made of real amber, while the volumetric head sculpture is made of titanium, aside from a tiny bit that has the real tooth embedded. This phone is a limited edition, and Caviar is planning to manufacture just 7 units.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro/Max Tyrannophone

Apple iPhone 13 Pro/Max Tyrannophone • Monsterphone • Teradiamond

The topic is Tera, so obviously the iPhones are sold only with 1 terabyte of storage. The price for the iPhone 13 Pro is $8,610 while going for the iPhone 13 Pro Max would cost $9,150. Given the exclusivity of the materials, this is affordable for Caviar standards – after all, we also saw a phone with Donald Trump and Joe Biden portraits that started from $15,000.


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