COVID-19 Figures Up In 5 States, Must Stick To Safety Measures, Says Centre

Maharashtra authorities attributed the rise to laxity in implementing the safety measures

New Delhi:

Five states — Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh — are experiencing an upsurge in daily cases, the Centre said today. The upswing comes after a low that started in November-December and amid a race to push forward the vaccination process. The Centre has said that more than 1.07 crore vaccine doses have been administered so far to health workers and frontline workers for Covid.

“In the past week, Maharashtra has exhibited a spike in the number of daily new cases, accounting for highest number of daily new cases in the country today. In last 24 hours, 6,112 daily new case has been reported in the state,” the Centre said.

“Similar to Maharashtra, Punjab has also shown a sudden spike in the number of daily new cases reported in last 7 days with 383 daily new cases in last 24 hours,” read the statement from the government.

The authorities in Maharashtra have attributed the rise to a laxity in implementing the safety measures, especially since the local trains started running.

On Thursday, strict measures were announced in Mumbai as well as two districts — Amravati and Yavatmal. Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal said citizens flouting rules for home isolation, weddings and public gatherings will be prosecuted.


Besides, 300 marshals will be appointed to take action against passengers travelling without mask in suburban railways, the city’s civic body said. The aim will be to catch 25,000 offenders every day.

Since, Feb 13, 2021, Madhya Pradesh is also witnessing a rise in number of daily new cases. In last 24 hours, 297 daily new cases have been registered in the state, the Centre said. Over the last seven days, Chhattisgarh has also seen a rise in daily active new cases. In last 24 hours, 259 daily new cases have been reported, the Centre said.

“Adherence of Covid appropriate behavior is strongly reiterated for breaking the chain of transmission of the virus and containment of spread of the disease,” the statement read.

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