Huawei teases smart glasses with replaceable lenses powered by HarmonyOS

Huawei is preparing to launch a new collection of gadgets on December 23 (next Thursday). It will include the stylish Huawei P50 Pocket, the Huawei Watch D and other devices, including a pair of smart glasses. Now, smart glasses are a new trend for tech companies, but there are several different kinds.

Some are AR glasses, others are cameras, others still are glasses-shaped headphones. That is the case with the Huawei Smart Glasses, which have bone conductive speakers built into the temples. The glasses will run an embedded version of HarmonyOS, presumably to enable voice commands and integration with other Harmony-compatible gadgets.

An interesting feature of the glasses is that both lenses can be swapped out as a single unit, with the front panel snapping onto the frame with magnets. That’s clever as it allows the same smart hardware to work as reading glasses as well as sunglasses.

Huawei already has two generations of smart glasses under its belt, both in collaboration with Gentle Monster. They too were audio-only smart devices. This new model seems to be a Huawei-only production, without the participation of the fashion brand. If you’re more into VR, check out Huawei’s VR Glass 6DoF headset.

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