Jojo Siwa Shuts Down Blackface Controversy Surrounding Her Latest Music Video

YouTube star Jojo Siwa doesn’t have time for people calling her out over allegedly using blackface in her latest video. The young singer/actress found herself in the middle of some controversy when it was discovered that a white dancer is wearing brown face makeup in her new video for “Nonstop.” The video has a circus theme and it appears that the dancer is supposed to be a monkey, though social media did not think that way. Instead, people started to stir the pot claiming that Siwa had a woman in blackface in her video.

Comments on the video have since been taken down. 17-year old Jojo Siwa blocked a lot of people on her social media yesterday, and many thought it was over this the issue. She initially stated, “This is for all the people I blocked today… peace out girl scout,” writing with a peace-sign emoji. “This is my Instagram and anyone who is going to be mean is NOT going to be allowed on here.” She did not address the blackface comments directly at the time, but noted that people were even trashing her on the Instagram account for her dog.

Today, Jojo Siwa came out and said that initial post had nothing to do with the blackface controversy. She has now addressed that issue directlty in another statement, shutting down any thought that she was using blackface in her video. She says this in her lengthy response.

“I need to set the record straight about a few things because some have been irresponsible in recent stories and posts about me, and everyone seems to rush to conclusions without having all of the facts.”

“My instagram post yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with the criticism I received on my music video ‘NONSTOP.’ I blocked certain people online and stopped following others because I was tired of seeing the personal hate on me. Some people will do anything for attention and that includes being mean. People were sending me really horrible and disgusting messages about my appearance, my sexuality, my content, and overall just being hateful.”

“More importantly, I would like to address the music video that we shot for ‘NONSTOP’ in February. We’re talking about kids dressing up as circus animals! No one in my video is wearing blackface. It’s awful that anyone’s mind would even go there. Kids dressing in animal costumes, having their faces painted to look like animals, acting the part. There were zebras, tigers, dogs, clowns, mermaids, everything.”

“I’ve addressed Black Lives Matter issues previously on my social media, I will say it again for the ones in the back, Black Lives Matter, today, tomorrow, yesterday and forever. I’m on the right side of history here. Stop trying to make this about something it isn’t. I love my real fans and am so grateful for their love and support. Instead of trying to drag everyone down, let’s be positive and come back like a boomerang.

People unfortunately have a lot of time on their hands at the moment, which isn’t always used in the most productive manner. Whatever the case may be, Jojo Siwa doesn’t seem to be bothered by it too much and is quoting herself from when she was 12-years old. “I said it best when I was 12, ‘Hide behind the screen cause their just so mean. but we don’t play it like that, we don’t even fight back.'” Siwa was pretty wise at the young age of 12.

In other Jojo Siwa news that doesn’t have to do with blackface, she just landed her first-ever starring role in Paramount’s upcoming big screen adaptation of Bounce. The novel was originally written by Megan Shull and tells the story of a teenage girl who wishes for a new family on Christmas Eve. She ends up having her wish granted and relives Christmas Day over and over again with new families. The girl learns about the value of family, love, and finding her own voice. Siwa is very excited about the project, which is being produced by Will Smith.

No director has been announced for Bounce as of this writing, but Josann McGibbon has been brought on to write the adaptation. Jojo Siwa took to social media to announce the project, stating “I am so excited to announce I am starring in my first movie!” Her fans, who are around the ages of 6 to 12, are very excited about her new career on the big screen after having a voice role in The Angry Birds 2 movie. You can check out the response to the haters above, thanks to Jojo Siwa’s official Instagram account.

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