Leakster: the Xiaomi 12 will have a triple 50MP camera with a 5x periscope

Xiaomi got a lot of use out of various 108 MP sensors in the last three years, including featuring one on the Mi 11 and Mix 4. However, the ultra wide and telephoto modules continued to use fairly low resolution sensors, often in the 8-13 MP range.

For the Xiaomi 12 generation (remember, no more ‘Mi’), the company will use a triple 50 MP setup, according to leakster Digital Chat Station. This means 50MP main, 50MP ultrawide and 50MP telephoto cameras.

This last one will allegedly use a 5x periscope. Xiaomi is said to have a working 10x periscope, but that focal length is impractical – the 5x lens coupled with a high resolution sensor can provide smooth, high quality zoom in the 5x to 10x range.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra’s camera setup: 50+48+48 MP

Previously, Samsung’s upcoming 200MP sensor was mentioned by rumors, but that will probably be reserved for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. The company is still in the design verification stage of the 12-series warns DCS, so the final hardware details may be different.

Recently, rival ZTE unveiled the Axon 30 Ultra with a triple 64 MP camera, though the periscope on this one featured only an 8MP sensor (the third 64MP camera had a 35 mm lens, which offered minimal optical zoom). Periscopes coupled with high resolution sensors are rare. Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra does have one (48MP), coupled with a 50MP main and 48MP ultrawide cameras.

Anyway, the Xiaomi 12 is also expected to feature an LTPO AMOLED display with an adaptive refresh rate working in the 1-120 Hz range. Also, the phones will be powered by a Snapdragon 898 chipset with LPDDR5X RAM.

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