Merrick Garland Senate confirmation begins

Navigating fairness in sports competition for gender equity is a difficult question that Merrick Garland, the nominee to become attorney general, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he hasn’t considered fully.

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., asked whether “biological males” competing in an all-female sports would deprive women of the opportunity to compete in sports.

“This is a very difficult societal question that you’re asking here,” Garland said.

Kennedy said he could become attorney general, but Garland said he might not be the one to make such policy decisions.

“Every human being should be treated with dignity and respect,” Garland said. “I agree that this is a difficult question.”

— Bart Jansen

Garland gripped by emotion discussing family, passion for job

Merrick Garland was briefly gripped with emotion Monday when he recounted his Jewish family’s flight from persecution, drawing on that experience as a call to public service.

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