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nubia Watch in for review

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The futuristic Amazfit X wearable with its curved screen doesn’t stand unchallanged. Today we welcome the nubia Watch that has a panel stretching even further in both directions.

It arrived on sale earlier this month for $219/€219/£189 and is available in over 40 markets. Here are our initial impressions of the wearable before going all-in with the full review.

The smartwatch looks rather unique – at first, it looks like it can bend at will but the curves are actually fixed so fit will vary from user to user.

The appearance of the nubia watch is also puzzling. We can say the device looks like a gadget built in 2012 with the idea of how a smartwatch might look like in the distant future of 2020. The bulky sides, the overly heavy body, and the rubbery straps create a feeling that this product was inspired by the idea of wearing your phone around your wrist.

The packaging brings a massive square pad for charging, which shocking sports a microUSB port (the cable is included in the retail box). We think a more universal solution would be the better choice with all these wearables nowadays, and even if every company is doing its own thing, sticking to micro USB with such a futuristic-looking device is a puzzling decision, to put it mildly.

Anyway, once out of the nubia Watch offers one button on the side, and the display is touch-enabled. The key toggles between the homescreen and menu, and also acts as a Back key if you are too deep into Settings or another option. It has texture and some users might be fooled that it can rotate – it cannot. It is simply for forward and back, selection is done with a tap on the display.

nubia watch

The display is clearly the most interesting feature of the nubia watch. With its 4.01” diagonal it can completely flip the game of notification reading on its side, and there are plenty of custom watch faces to use with all the extra information.

The brand logically put all the key info in the center because in most cases you don’t get a very good look at top third of the screen since it is practically facing away from you.

The nubia Watch also supports e-SIM, NFC, and Wi-Fi, making it an ideal standalone device for casual sports – just leave the phone at home and enjoy the occasional run in the park. There is a total of four sports modes and the watch uses built-in GPS for precise tracking. Specs-wise it also has IP54 water and dust resistance and supports heart rate tracking.

The nubia Watch might have questionable looks but feature-wise it is quite rich so it would be fun to test it and bring you the full review later.

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