Our US Buyer’s guide is out – check it out

Everyone familiar with the smartphone world knows that the US market is a lot different from the rest of the world. A lot of the major global players aren’t present at all and there are often price swings between devices that also sell elsewhere. It means that much of the global shopping advice doesn’t apply to US customers and we believe that introducing the US market buyer’s guide will go some way towards fixing that.

We compiled a list of phones that you can find in the US and will work with all (or almost all) of the US carriers. We’ve kept it simple – no gray import as the situation with warranty and after-market support is rather murky.

While the video above would give you a good idea of the best smartphones to get in 2021, just in time for the Holiday season, we encourage you to visit the written version to find more offerings and a more in-depth analysis for the devices in each category. Happy shopping!

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