Realme Pad won’t be getting Android 12

Realme Pad only came out four months ago, but the company has already dealt a massive blow to its shelf life. The first tablet by Realme launched on Android 11 and it was reasonable to expect that it will at least get Android 12 down the road.

Yet in an FAQ on the company’s community forum, a representative said that the device won’t be getting any major OS updates whatsoever as the company will focus on supporting its smartphones instead.

The post did clarify that security and performance updates will still be delivered to the Realme Pad. Rather disappointing news given that we really liked the tablet when we reviewed it and even in its price range it will be sad to see it fall victim to dated software.

Realme didn’t give an explanation either but we suspect the dated Helio G80 chipset may have limited support for Android 12 update, which makes updating the tablet a far bigger ask. But we have no official statement one way or another so it might be a different issue entirely.


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