River Yamuna Spews Out Toxic Foam Again: See Photos

The toxic foam has been caused by toxic chemicals, pollutants and untreated waste

New Delhi:

Alarming white, toxic foam covered the Yamuna River near Delhi’s ITO area today giving rise to a pollution hazard for the locals.

The river has spewed hazardous foam many a times. The froth has covered the entire river bank, photos show, and looks like candy floss or even waves. It has been caused by toxic chemicals, pollutants and untreated waste.

Photos shared by news agency ANI paint a grim picture. Till the eyes can see, its just froth and foam. The water of the river, considered holy, is barely visible.

A pile of garbage is seen dumped on the banks. The froth ends, and the filth begins.

Untreated sewage entering the river from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh has on multiple occasions led to an increase in ammonia levels in the river water, affecting drinking water supply in the national capital, the Delhi Jal Board has claimed.

The Delhi government, last month, prepared a nine-point action plan to prevent frothing in the Yamuna river due to the discharge of untreated sewage in the river.


Untreated sewage from unauthorized colonies without a functional sewer system and the wastewater comes into the Yamuna from Haryana (into Najafgarh drain) and UP (into Hindon cut canal), the plan document said. The phosphoric compounds get settled in the river bed. On the release of water from a barrage or reservoir, these compounds get agitated, leading to frothing.

The decomposition of water hyacinths releases phosphates, which also leads to frothing.

The Supreme Court, last month, sought a report from a committee, set up by the National Green Tribunal, regarding the recommendations made by the panel for improving the water quality of Yamuna river and the extent to which authorities have implemented them.

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