Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dummy pictured in the wild, 1TB variant is coming

Yet another round of images of the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra in the wild has arrived. As before, this isn’t a real phone but rather a dummy, but it nonetheless serves the purpose of illustrating what the phone would look like.

It would be nice to see a set of images of the real Galaxy S22 Ultra, only to see the proper cameras in their place.

Still, here’s a look at the Silver variant of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, alongside the Black one. The S Pen is also present in its in-body holster.

Samsung Galaxy S22 dummy, source: @hypark22
Samsung Galaxy S22 dummy, source: @hypark22

Samsung Galaxy S22 dummy, source: @hypark22

In related news, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 1TB variant. This is the first 1TB Samsung phone since the 12GB + 1TB Galaxy S10+, back in 2019. Currently there are a handful of 1TB phones – the iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max, and the expected Realme GT 2 Pro.

It’s unclear whether Samsung will pack some video-centric features with the 1TB variant – Apple’s 13 Pro series can capture ProRes – 4K at up to 30fps with 256GB. 512GB and 1TB models, and 1080p at 30fps for the 128GB models.


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