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Should I Stop Eating Gluten If I Don’t Have An Allergy?

The nutritionist says gluten is not harmful except for a small percent of the population.

The relationship between gluten and overall health is complicated

There are several misconceptions about a healthy diet. Many people avoid eating wheat and other grains because they are told to avoid gluten. But gluten is not such a bad protein that it should be completely avoided, says the latest post on the Instagram page nutrition by Lovneet. Here, a nutritionist answers the question whether people should avoid eating wheat because of gluten. It depends on how you feel after eating wheat. According to her, wheat is a good source of fibre, essential vitamins, and minerals. But it depends on how you feel after eating wheat.

The nutritionist says gluten is not harmful except for a small percent of the population with conditions like celiac disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), or gluten allergy and people who cannot tolerate gluten. While people with these disorders must or should avoid gluten, it’s still unclear whether a gluten-free diet benefits those without intolerance, she adds.

She adds the relationship between gluten and overall health is complicated, and research is ongoing. 

If you still want to avoid wheat, the nutritionist has offered daily food options that can supply you with all the nutrients that are present in gluten-containing grains, such as vitamin B, fibre, zinc, iron, and potassium. Here they are:

— Rice

— Maize

— Bajra


— Amaranth

— Ragi

— Buckwheat

And, here’s the Instagram post:

If you are experiencing regular gut issues, like bloating, indigestion or inflammation, then it’s not a bad idea to consider restricting the consumption of gluten. If you’re experiencing positive changes after reducing wheat intake then it can be one of the reasons for the gut problems you may be facing.

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