Caviar makes a custom iPhone and an Elon Musk bust out of a melted down Tesla Model 3

Caviar typically looks back when it comes to luxury – its phones are often clad in precious gold, expensive leather… Read More

9 mins ago

Elon Musk: Tesla boss sells $5bn of shares after Twitter poll

Part of the share sale was based on a pre-arranged trading plan set up in September. Source link Read More

2 weeks ago

Timed Teaser: What did a Twitter poll tell Elon Musk?

Test your knowledge of the news these last few days - 10 questions, 10 seconds each. Go! Source link Read More

2 weeks ago

Elon Musk holds Twitter vote over $21bn Tesla share sale

The Tesla boss promises to honour the outcome of the poll, whichever way it goes. Source link Read More

3 weeks ago

Elon Musk is now worth $230 billion—as much as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined

Joe Raedle | Getty ImagesElon Musk has entered rarified air in the world billionaire rankings. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO… Read More

1 month ago

Tesla Cybertruck Gigabeer is coming because Musk is never out of weird ideas

 The list of weird things with Elon Musk attached to them continues to grow, and this time, it's a beer.… Read More

1 month ago

UK takes on Elon Musk in the broadband space race

They are invisible to the naked eye, but can leave a streak of light across an astronomer’s telescope. Above our… Read More

2 months ago

Elon Musk cites ‘last minute concerns’ in delay of Tesla software rollout

 Tesla has delayed the rollout of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta 10.2 software rollout because of last-minute concerns, CEO Elon… Read More

2 months ago

Tesla: Elon Musk says company headquarters will move to Texas

Elon Musk announces that the most valuable car company in the world is moving away from California. Source link Read More

2 months ago

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says U.S. government should avoid regulating crypto

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday said the U.S. government should steer clear of trying to regulate the crypto market.“It… Read More

2 months ago