Taliban Ban TikTok, PUBG For “Leading Afghan Youth Astray”: Report

The Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in August last year.

The Taliban have banned video sharing application TikTok in Afghanistan, insisting they were leading Afghanistan’s youth astray. Popular mobile game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has also been banned.

Since returning to power in August last year, the Taliban have already banned music, movies and television soaps.

The phone applications are popular among Afghans who have been left with little options for amusement.

In a statement on Thursday, the cabinet claimed the applications “led the young generation astray,” adding that the telecom ministry has been ordered to shut them down, news agency ANI reported.

It also ordered the ministry to stop broadcasting “immoral material” on television channels, despite the fact that nothing is shown other than news and religious programmes, the ANI report further said.

Nearly all Afghans (94 per cent) rated their lives as bad enough to be considered suffering since the Taliban took over Afghanistan last year, according to the results of a Gallur survey in February. This was not only a record high for Afghanistan, but also the highest level of suffering that Gallup has measured for any country since 2005.

Individuals are classified as “thriving,” “struggling,” or “suffering” by Gallup based on how they rate their current and future lives on a scale of zero to ten.

Just over nine million people have access to the internet across Afghanistan, a country of around 38 million people, according to figures published in January from DataReportal, an independent data collector, news agency AFP reported.

There are around four million social media users, with Facebook being the most popular.

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