The Suzuki Misano Concept Is A Combination Of A Supercar And A Superbike

9 out of the 24 students who helped in designing the Misano are from India

For many of us who follow motorsports, there is a distinct audience for Moto GP and F1 and seldom do either of the camps find a middle ground. It’s the same with supercar and superbikes, each camp has its fan following. But the 24 students of the Istituto Europeo di Design, Itally, thought that they could combine a supercar and a superbike to create a new concept and it’s called the Misano -named after a race track in Italy.


The Istituto Europeo di Design in collaboration with Suzuki has come out with the Misano concept car. The concept is the result of the thesis project of the 24 students of the Master in Transportation Design at IED Torino, and is the answer to the Japanese company’s brief La Dolce Vita X Way of Life: a prototype that intertwines Japanese philosophy and automotive design embodying pure passion, style and fun, like the very best of Italian tradition.


9 out of the 24 students were Indian 

9 out of the 24 students who helped in designing the Misano are from India namely, Karan Chowdhury, Shreyas Pratap Dalvi, Vigneshwar Ganesh, Bhavjyot Singh Mann, Rushabh Mistry, Ram Kaushik Ragala, Shubham Sen and Pratyush Sanjay Wasule.

Take a look at the design and you’ll notice the distinctive arrow-shaped headlights that are mounted on the side grilles. For continuation in design, we get to see it repeated on the taillights. While it may have four wheels, it doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals, as the Misano comes with a handle bar.


The Misano boasts of a unique off-center tandem seating layout 


In addition to this, the Misano boasts of a unique off-center tandem seating layout. On the right hand side, there’s the battery pack and space for cargo. Aside from Suzuki, IED students also collaborated with Pirelli and OZ Racing as technical sponsors. The car was manufactured by EDAG Italia, Torino Crea, and Raitec.

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